Sunday, 30 January 2011

Online radio - Malaysia


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Nasional Fm –

Musik Fm –

Klasik Fm –

KL Fm –

Era Fm

Sinar Fm


Hot Fm -

Ikim Fm –

Suria Fm –

Nasyid Fm –

Asyik Fm –

Rilek Fm –


Muzik Segar Mnet Fm –

Suara Malaysia / Voice of Malaysia –

Traxx Fm –


Hitz Fm –

Mix Fm –

Red Fm –

Radio24 -

LiteFM -

bfm 89.9 (business in PJ) –

Fly FM -


MyFM -

Ai Fm -

Wai FM -

98.8 FM -

One Fm -

THR Raaga -

Minnal FM -

 Express Tamil Online Radio Fm –


Langkawi Fm –

Kedah Fm –

Perlis Fm –

Penang fm (Mutiara fm)-

Perak Fm -

Selangor Fm –

Negeri Fm –

Melaka Fm -

Johor Fm -

Pahang Fm -

Terengganu Fm -

THR Gegar Fm “permata pantai timur” -

Radio Sabah Fm –

Radio Sabah V Fm –

Labuan Fm –

Sarawak fm -

Fuhyoo Fm –

Fungkur Fm – ?

Putra Fm – mms://

Multimedia Universiti Fm –


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Anonymous said...

wow theres a lot!
visit your blog can listen to various channels.nice one sir! =)


Anonymous said...

hahahah!!! thanks!! coz i always have problems listening to malaysian stations using iphone apps. seriously annoying. haha. thanks again!


Anonymous said...

1. first of all...please LIKE this page~~
2. please like this photo!/photo.php?fbid=10150107936564180&set=a.10150106176399180.309494.387569064179

glover said...

wow!those links...!now i've get to listen to the radio from various countries..awesome man!

love this but i would like to suggest that you make a lil..(actually quite a lot) makeover to your blog cause the font and the colors are hurting my eyes..its hard to read thus its not good.for eg there's a lot of dark colors and you put dark letters on it .i think you need some formatting to do.the rest,again,is just great!

Shalini NR said...

Really Nice to Hear You,Tamils love our Online Tamil FM for its fun and entertainment.

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